Professional Aircraft Mechanic

& Pilot Training

Located in the gorgeous foothills of Greenville, South Carolina, USAeroTech specializes in training the next generation of aviation professionals.


There are few things in the world as thrilling as working on an aircraft. It requires careful and steady skill. At USAeroTech, we train the best. Our desire is that our students leave the program enabled with exceptional craft, no matter what field of aviation they enter into. Our 12-month A&P Certification Program is precise and focused. The FAA-approved curriculum, along with our intimate class sizes and large-scale training facility, make USAeroTech the top choice for anyone interested in professional aviation maintenance technology.

Get trained in a focused, professional environment.

USAeroTech isn’t for everybody. We believe that in order to become a professional, you must train like a professional. That is why USAeroTech holds students to high standards – not just academically, but in attitude and personal appearance. We are committed to graduating students who are knowledgeable, competent, and well-trained.

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We are a people focused & FAA Certified, Aviation Maintenance Technical Training Institute.

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